Time should take away the need, for the plasters on the scabs
But what with this pain I bleed, the present feels like the past
Memories fall to the ground, like autumn leaves
Familiarities all around, as summer leaves

As I ruin this blank page with words absurd,
Her tears fall like rain, torrential pain
It’s tragic our desires define our logic

And if I dull my senses, can I forget my vices?
I pursue my own karma, I love my chains


Peter, The Pan

Peter was the king of neverland

although, even Peter became a beggar

when he schemed a plan

to beg Wendy for a favour.


Peter, f**k, you fool. You grew,

and grew and grew and sown

and sown those seeds for needs

you never knew, ’til you’d grown.


Needs of pseudo dictate what I know

As the ‘significant’ turned me so ignorant

As I push slow, no clue where to go

no clue what’s right, no clue how to write

Remember that kid

Odysseus – revised

“No sooner had they swung back and churned the water
with their blades than sweet oblivion sealed Odysseus’
eyes in sleep, delicious and profound, the very counterfeit of death”

Homer – The Odyssey

Odysseus, you see what lies ahead
for you, the suitors, stealing your bread
they lust, lust for your woman, lust for your land
blissfully oblivious you have the upper hand

Athene is in your corner, but she will not win for you
you see success in your future, but you see failure too
within every lion, as every house
some point in time, you’ll find a mouse

Odysseus, eyes sealed in sleep, so delicious and profound
crying out for you, poor Penelope, haunted sleeps
as Homer said, you sleep so sound
but hers a bed soaked, from all she weeps

Odysseus, son of Laertes
soon the Suitors
will fall to their knees
but now, you sleep

I envy the deep sleep, how it grabs you tonight
the very counterfeit of death, holds you so tight
i read as dawn sits on her golden throne
envious of your sleep, wide awake, alone

© copyright sbarlow 2012

My second

There is a thousand people around
His lonely feet pound the ground
Walking through the city
Empathy. Envy. Sorrow. Pity

Happiness. Joyful sensation
as he observes a beautiful relation.

His naivety is comical to them
He really does believe
If we could just see what the world really needs
Then we would all shed a tear when an innocent bleeds

© copyright sbarlow 2012

My first

I am the epitome of mankind
My room gets more fucked up the longer I live in it
I’ve reached too many roaches in my time
I am what I am, because it is what the world needs me to be
You’re not what you are, because of what I choose to see

© copyright sbarlow 2012