Time should take away the need, for the plasters on the scabs
But what with this pain I bleed, the present feels like the past
Memories fall to the ground, like autumn leaves
Familiarities all around, as summer leaves

As I ruin this blank page with words absurd,
Her tears fall like rain, torrential pain
It’s tragic our desires define our logic

And if I dull my senses, can I forget my vices?
I pursue my own karma, I love my chains


Peter, The Pan

Peter was the king of neverland

although, even Peter became a beggar

when he schemed a plan

to beg Wendy for a favour.


Peter, f**k, you fool. You grew,

and grew and grew and sown

and sown those seeds for needs

you never knew, ’til you’d grown.


Needs of pseudo dictate what I know

As the ‘significant’ turned me so ignorant

As I push slow, no clue where to go

no clue what’s right, no clue how to write

Remember that kid