fork in the road

the fork in the road

left right or back

either way though

life will attack


but which way

do we have the best chances?

which direction do you think

are better circumstances ?


left looks pretty rocky

right looks desolate to me

and back behind?

things already seen



i wish i had a private helicopter to come pick us up



times like this make a man wise

the ingredients are right there

make the dish

make the wish come true

chase the dream

reality will come too



The nature of a poet

You know you’re a poet

When something has just begun

You’re already writing about the end


Something you could never define

But you scrutinize every detail

Read between every line


You know you’re a poet

When you are satisfied with the pain

You know you’re pen has something to gain


An over analytical mind

Smothering hatred

Because you are gentle and kind


You know you’re a poet

When you pick up the pen

Instinct takes over, as you begin


You know you’re a poet

When.  What more can I say?

Without sounding cliché

You know you’re poet

Well… you just know it

© copyright sbarlow 2012

My Pen

A book full of poetry

Expression to you from me

But it should be understood

It’s my pen that writes these lyrics

I really would if I could

The pen is the mediator

The inbetweener, the vehicle

I just drift away

Feeling philosophical

And let the pen paint

A lyrical picture

Of my current perception

An external truth

Rooted from internal deception

© copyright sbarlow 2012

When family are near

beautiful circumstances

loving chances

to hug and kiss

and reminisce

about flown by years

when you look at me

and I look back at you

the memory of everything shines through

manifestation into one pure emotion

never need for tears

perpetuated smiles

and subdued fears

© copyright sbarlow 2012

Flowers in the dark

poison everywhere

surrounded by dirt

comfortable with who they are

who they are not causes hurt


an unquenchable thirst

to forget about

what is not yet known

hiding treasures deep inside

that are hardly ever shown


but still

in the dark

flowers can flourish

and flourish they do

to the moon’s surprise


© copyright sbarlow 2012