Expression is easy
It is hard to hit the target
stop, Aim. Fire.
Oh no. I missed,
You misunderstood,
the words i used
were meant only for good
I must have picked the wrong combination
used at the wrong time, in the wrong manner
spoken in the wrong tone
now your back is all I see
as I’m left here alone
a foreseen circumstance
I never stood a chance
from the start i was
idealistic. unrealistic
completely and utterly
over optimistic
a message fallen
on deaf ears
a heart that hurts
at the sound of tears
crashing. hitting the ground
delving deeper
shocked by the skeletons found

© copyright sbarlow 2012


5 thoughts on “Expression

  1. doncarroll says:

    like the humor. nicely done.

  2. beautiful, painful and real… thank you for sharing, great poem!
    ~ J

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