Questions for my future self

You can write
Don’t be afraid of expression
When you read this back in a year or more from now
You will learn another lesson

The World. Yourself
Do you like this change?
Do you remember writing this?
Does it feel strange?
Look in the mirror
Are you content with what you see?
Are you further along the plan?
Are you still the man you want to be?

The people in your life
Are they happy and healthy?
Are you involved?
The people you chose to let go
Are they completely dissolved?
Or do they still float around your psyche?
Tiny little pieces?
That you barely even see?

Your home
Are there tiny little beds in the house?
Is the kitchen beautiful?
Is she your spouse?
Is the fridge full?

Think for a second
Of the time you wrote this down
You had just changed your profile picture
Is she still around?

Myself. My future self.
Meeting somewhere along the way
I hope when we read this
It puts a smile on our face all day

© copyright sbarlow 2012


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