A musing

Once someone has seen you in a certain light it’s hard for them to forget about that; even if they have forgiven you.  It’s even harder for you to show them you have learnt, moved on and developed as a person in the hindsight of the things you did.  Keep this in mind when it’s time to take action.

Do not dwell on the past; focus on the future and how you want it to be because predominantly it’s on you to
make the life you want and to fight for the things you need.

© copyright sbarlow 2012


3 thoughts on “A musing

  1. Addie says:

    I’m sure the first part holds true to everyone – myself included. On the other hand, I’m a present-day girl and whatever choices I have made, I live with them.

  2. exactly my thoughts, except i am a present day boy. “do not dwell on the past” we all make mistakes but in reality they are only mistakes if we do not learn from them.

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