Global warming

even with global warming
people are getting colder
peter pan syndrome
does not agree with getting older
absence of innocence
presence of guilt
a spirit once strong
begins to wilt


© copyright sbarlow 2012


expect nothing

absently minded lost in thought
relearning all the things
i was already taught

life is tuition
and tuition is tough
life isn’t for the gentle and kind
it’s for the hard and rough

only showing strength is being weak
you should listen
but all you do is speak

you make your assumptions
based on your expectations
well don’t expect anything from me
then you will not be so disappointed


© copyright sbarlow 2012


Sometimes, people just wait around to die

We all have wings

And yet only a few fly

Like pigeons in the centre of town

Lives spent eating what they found


In the big scheme of things

Is that the whole theme?

Appreciate your worth

But also

Appreciate your worthlessness


© copyright sbarlow 2012

Counting pennies

I’m good at counting pennies

I’ve done it from time to time

But the silvers are a little trickier

It’s not long that they are mine

Not having money isn’t so bad

But it’s not that good either

I’m good at counting pennies

They seem to have stuck around

As I searched my room for some coins

The pennies are the ones I mostly found


© copyright sbarlow 2012


This addiction I can’t seem to manage

How can I love you so much?

Every time we encounter

You do me a little damage

I’ve spent thousands on you

I hate you.  I love you.

I’ve tried alternatives

gum, patches

But the pleasure you give me

Nothing matches

Self loathing encourages me to keep you around

But what about in thirty years

You will prematurely put me in the ground

Because of you I stink

If I don’t have you  every few hours

I just can’t seem to think

I’m tied down

Looking at freedom just out of my reach

I need to break away

These walls I need to breach

Not tomorrow.  Today.

But every year that I grow older

I wonder

Will I always be a smoker?

© copyright sbarlow 2012